Samuel Morse (1791 – 1872 )



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Samuel Morse



While teaching arts and design at New York University in 1835, Morse proved that signals could be transmitted

by wire. He used pulses of current to deflect an electromagnet, which moved a marker to produce written codes


on a strip of paper. This led to the invention of Morse Code.



The following year, the device was modified to emboss the paper with dots and dashes. He gave a public


demonstration in 1838, but it wasn't until five years later that Congress, reflecting public apathy, awarded him 


$30,000 to construct an experimental telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore, a distance of 40 miles.



Six years later, members of Congress witnessed the transmission of messages over part of the telegraph line.


Before the line had reached Baltimore, the Whig party held its national convention there and nominated


Henry Clay on May 1, 1844. The news was hand-carried to Annapolis Junction, between Washington and


Baltimore, where Morse's partner Alfred Vail wired it to the capitol. This was the first news dispatched by


electric telegraph.



What Hath God Wrought?



The message "What hath God wrought?" sent by "Morse Code" from the old Supreme Court chamber in the


United States capitol to his partner in Baltimore officially opened the completed line on May 24, 1844. Morse


allowed Annie Ellsworth, the young daughter of a friend, to choose the words of the message and she selected


a verse from Numbers XXIII, 23: "What hath God wrought?" to be recorded onto paper tape. Morse's early


system produced a paper copy with raised dots and dashes, which were translated later by an operator.



The Telegraph Spreads



Samuel Morse and his associates obtained private funds to extend their line to Philadelphia and New York.


Small telegraph companies, meanwhile began functioning in the East, South and Midwest. Dispatching trains


by telegraph started in 1851, the same year Western Union began business. Western Union built its first


transcontinental telegraph line in 1861, mainly along railroad rights-of-way. In 1881, the Postal Telegraph


System entered the field for economic reasons and later merged with Western Union in 1943.



The original Morse telegraph printed code on tape. However, in the United States, the operation developed into


a process in which messages were sent by key and received by ear. A trained Morse operator could transmit 40


to 50 words per minute. Automatic transmission, introduced in 1914, handled more than twice that number.


In 1900, Canadian Fredrick Creed invented the Creed Telegraph System, a way to convert Morse code to text.



Rules 2017


Croatian CW Contest 2018 Rules

Croatian amateur radio association (HRS) has the honor of inviting amateurs all over the world
to take part in the 2018 Croatian CW Contest.
Date and period: 3rd full weekend in December from 1400 UTC on Saturday until 1400 UTC
on Sunday.  
Bands : 1,8/3,5/7/14/21/28 MHz.
Mode : Only CW
Categories :
- single operator, all bands – High power
- single operator, all bands – Low power (<= 100 Watts)
- single operator, single band – High power
- single operator, single band – Low power (<= 100 Watts)
- single operator, all bands – QRP (<= 5 Watts)
- multi operator, all bands, one TX
The minimum time of operation on one band for multi op. stations is 10 minutes, though a quick
band change in order to work a new multiplier is allowed (only one other band is allowed for 10
minute period for multiplier station too).

Only one transmitted signal on one band permitted during any 10-minute period (run transmitter).
Exception: One — and only one — other transmitted signal (multiplier transmitter) may be used during
any 10-minute period, if — and only if — it is on a different band from the run transmitter
and the station worked is a new multiplier. The run and multiplier transmitters are governed
by independent 10-minute rules. Ten-minute periods begin with the first QSO on a band.
The log must indicate which transmitter (run or multiplier) made each QSO. The multiplier transmitter
may not call CQ (solicit contacts).



All stations are allowed to use the spots from DX packet Cluster.
Exchange : RST + serial number (starting with 001 for the first contact).
Points :
- 10 points contacts with 9A stations on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 6 points on 14/21/28 MHz
- 6 points contacts with other continent on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 3 points on 14/21/28 MHz
- 2 points contacts with own continent, including entrant's own country on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 1
point on 14/21/28 MHz.

Multipliers : DXCC countries plus WAE list on each band 1 point.
Final score : Sum of QSO points from all bands multiplied with sum of multipliers from all
LOGs: All stations are encouraged to send electronic logs, please send paper LOGs only if you
make only a few QSOs. All papers LOGs will be used only as checking logs. Your LOG must be in
Cabrillo file. Please name your file: yourcall.log. The contest programs that support this contest
are DXLog.net TR4W, N1MM logger, Writelog, Win-test, AA-log contest module, EI5DI, LM log. Log
deadline time is 8 days after the contest (25th of December 2018th,  23,59 UTC) .
Awards: Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station in each DXCC/WAE country
in each category. Plaques will be awarded to the first station worldwide in section single
operator, all bands and multi operator. Some additional plaques may be awarded to the
continental winners and world champions in category single operator, single band, depending
on getting sponsors for those.
All stations that fulfill conditions for 9ACW award during the contest will get it free of charge if
they send award application to 9A CW award manager.
Electronic logs :
Please put your log on contest robot on http://www.hamradio.hr/hfrobot.
Web application enables contest log uploading in Cabrillo form. After that, application will show
uploaded log again and display possible data error warnings and allow checking and/or correcting data.


Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez

(9A CW Contest 2018)

Dalmatinska 12

10000 Zagreb

Croatia - EU


Good luck in the contest !



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CRAC QRP Golden Week HF Contest 2016



72/73! de BA2Bi


Game for all QRP operators  „BEACON HUNT“

Detailed rules


72/73  Igor  - R2AJA






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Rules „Russian hunt QRP marathon“


"Two Bear or not two Bear? That is the question"



Russian Hunt QRP marathon was founded by RU-QRP Club and takes place in two seasons:

winter  and summer. Both seasons consists of 6 rounds which tooks place on Thursday   

(February-March and August-September) from 18:00 till 19:00 UTC.



Hunt in both seasons used three bands: 80, 40 and 20 meters on frequencies: 14060 +/- 5

kHz, 7030 +/- 5 kHz, 3560 - 3580 kHz. We invite all licensed radioamateurs.
- QRP-"Hunters" (QRP up to 5 Watt)
- "Bears" (QRP up to 5 Watt)


In each round two QRP stations participate as "Bears". They are assigned from participants

("Hunters") who gathered more points in current season before incoming  round. "Bears" can

only work on general call - "CQ  QRP de CALL BEAR pse k". All "Hunters" can communicate with

"Bears" and other QRP "Hunters". General call for QRP "Hunters"  "CQ  HUNT de CALL QRP pse k".

Contacts  with other non-participants in hunt are also allowed.


Exchange with real RST, your name, output power. Only one QSO is allowed with the same

station in particular round. Duplicate QSOs are only allowed in other rounds.

- for QSO with "Bear" =
25 points
- for QSO with QRP-station =
3 points
- for QSO with QRO station = 1 point

Also, for each new invited participant you will get a 1 additional point.

Results calculated separately by ranks. Note that points gathered by the same participant in

"Bear" role are summed with his points gathered in "Hunter" role. Separate "Bears" rating is also


It is strongly desireable to submit your report just after the round finish. Deedline - same week

Saturday end. Report your logs in Cabrillo (Ermak) format. Here is a QSO entries examples:

QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1901 UU7JF         599 VIT5W  HA7UG         579 LACI5W
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1902 UU7JF         559 VIT5W  UA1ASB        579 LEO5W 
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1903 UU7JF         579 VIT5W  ON3ND         579 JJ5W  
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1905 UU7JF         449 VIT5W  LA1ENA        559 AAGE5W

QSO:  3500 CW 2011-03-03 1907 UU7JF         449 VIT5W  UR4MCK        559 DIMA5W

Submit your logs to:
 qrp-hunt-cw@rambler.ru  and write your callsign in the message subject.

All participants will get an electronic "virtual" QRP hunt certificates with final rating table for manual

printing. According to the year's summary rating, RU-QRP members will be awarded with plaques as:

- The best QRP-"Hunter";
- The best "Bear".

Good luck in QRP hunt & 73!
Contest manager, RU-QRP Club council
© 2008 RU-QRP-CLUB



 Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs,
Russian Digital Radio Club invites you:


31 October - 1 November  -  BPSK63, CW, RTTY, SSB
  • RUS-WW-MM • 

Rules: http://www.rdrclub.ru/russian-ww-multimode-contest/159-rus-ww-multimode-contest


A separate category for the Russia and foreign participants.

We have made many prizes and certificates for all participants.
We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our contests!


73! de RDRC