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European CW Association - EUCWA

Croatian Telegraphy Club is International Radio Amateur’s Association with free membership for telegraphy lovers across the world.

Croatian Telegraphy Club invites you to become a member (at the same time member of the European CW Association - EUCWA), welcomes your membership application (no application form – only name, callsign and wish to become) and if submitted by E-mail membership is free (no cost) because it is Club’s principle of supporting CW  which is far more important than any financial consideration. In case your application is by post please include 15 USD or 10 euro cash in envelope which is a contribution towards postal charges including the package of Club’s Certificate of membership .

CTC frequencies:  3.530 — 7.015 — 14.030 — 21.030 — 28.030 MHz.
Every second Friday in December from 00:00 UT to 24:00 UT we can get together on these frequencies because this is CTC's Birthday.

If you are existing member and wish to obtain CTC Certificate of Membership please send us by post 8 USD or 5 euro cash in envelope which will cover postal expenses ...

CW For Ever      Merry Christmas And Happy New Year !


Croatian Telegraphy Club
Franjevacka 5
42220 Novi Marof                            Chairman Den - 9A3FO
Croatia, EU                                       Secretary Vlado - 9A3CY
E-mail: ctc@hi.ht.hr